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To log in to your WebAdvisor account for the first time or to reset your password, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to WebAdvisor
  2. Select "What's My Password"
  3. Click "Reset My Password"
  4. Enter your last name and 7-digit student ID number, Submit
  5. From the drop-down box, choose your student email address, Submit (Note: If you choose a personal email address, the message may take longer to arrive or be blocked)
  6. Go to your email account to retrieve the temporary password
  7. Select to open your WebAdvisor email message
  8. Copy the temporary password (Ctrl+C)--do not pick up extra spaces around the password
  9. Return to WebAdvisor and click "Log In"
  10. Your User ID is your K-number entered in all capital letters
  11. Paste in your temporary password in the password field (Ctrl+V)
  12. Submit
  13. You should now have five fields to fill in: 
      User ID:  K-number entered in capital letters
      Old Password:  Paste in your temporary password
      New Password:  Enter a new password, 6-16 characters in length containing letters and numbers. Special characters can be used, but not required (Special characters NOT allowed: ;?:@&=<>\).
      Confirm Password:  Reenter your new password
      My Password Hint:  Optional, used to remind you of your password, cannot contain your password
  14. Submit. You should be logged in to WebAdvisor.

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