Campus Technology Information

How do I log in to a computer on campus?

To log in to a computer on campus, use your K# or for the username and your Eagle Mail password (same password used for Eagle Mail and Brightspace). 

If prompted to reset this password, remember to create a password meeting the following requirements:

  • 14 or more characters in length
  • At least 3 of the 4:  uppercase, lowercase, number, special character
  • This password becomes your IVCC Eagle Mail and Brightspace password.  After resetting your computer password, please allow 2-3 minutes before logging in to your Eagle Mail or Brightspace. This allows time for your computer password to sync as your Eagle Mail and Brightspace password. See Email Information.

You will be required to reset your password every 90 days. 

  • You will receive a password reset reminder via email at the 80-day mark.  
  • You are not forced to change your password OFF campus using your email, but it is highly recommended to change your password after 90 days.  
  • If you log in to a campus computer and your password has expired, you will be forced to change the password while ON campus. 

Password Tips 

  • Since your IVCC campus computer password, Eagle Mail password, and Brightspace password are always the same, be sure to have your password ready when you come to campus. Some instructors require testing on IVCC campus computers. 
  • If you get locked out of your account, and cannot reset your password via email, contact the Student Help Desk. 

How do I connect to Wi-Fi on campus?

IVCCguest Wi-Fi is available at IVCC's Main Campus in Oglesby and at the Ottawa Center in Ottawa. The process for connecting to a Wi-Fi network will vary slightly depending on what type of computer or device you're using, but any system will require that you locate the list of available networks from your network settings. 

Need Wi-Fi off campus?  See this drive-up map of the state of Illinois.

Are laptop computers available? 

Laptops are available to check out from Jacob's library on a short and long-term basis. See Technology Loans.

  • Short Term Loans: Laptops and other technology can be checked out for two hours at a time to use in the Academic Support Center
  • Long Term Loans: Wireless hotspots and laptop computers can be checked for a semester. Visit the Technology Loans to complete a request form. Visit Technology Loan FAQs for information on how to use and care for a borrowed laptop. Since these are IVCC laptops, you may not be able to install certain software. If this occurs, request your desired software using the Long Term Loan App Request.
  • Hotspots: Jacobs Library checks out wireless hotspots. Visit the Technology Loans to complete a request form. Visit Hotspot Loan FAQs, if you have questions or issues with your device. 

Campus and Loaner Software

Click on the banks below for a list of software available on computers in the Eagles Point Cafe, Student Life Space, and on loanable laptops at Jacobs Library in the Academic Support Center.

ASC Computer Software

Click on the banks below for a list of software available on computers in the Academic Support Center

How do I print on campus?

Follow the instructions to Printing from Your Own Device PDF.

Printing is available free of charge in the Academic Support Center (A-201), Eagles Point Cafe, and the Ottawa Center in black & white. Color printing is also available in the Academic Support Center. 

How can I scan a document?

A flatbed scanner and a duplex scanner are available in the Academic Support Center and Ottawa Center. You can choose to scan the document to the printer, email, or smartphone/tablet.

Where can I go to record a live speech presentation?

Visit the Recording Online Presentations for information on how to check out audio and video equipment and reserve a space in the Academic Support Center. 

What are acceptable uses of campus technology resources?

All users of the IVCC campus and network computer resources are responsible for following the Acceptable Use Policy.