Recording Online Presentations

Your instructor may ask you to record yourself giving a presentation while sharing your computer screen.  In the applications described below, you may open and share content such as slides or documents. The Student Help Desk can help support these two applications. 

For help, call 815-224-0318, submit a ticket, or make an appointment to visit the Academic Support Center on the Oglesby Campus, A-201.


You may record a video and audio presentation to your computer using Zoom.  Recording is not supported on mobile devices such as phones, tablets and Chromebooks. To record your presentation in Zoom: 

  1. Go to to create a free account 
  2. Start a new meeting 
  3. Enable your Webcam if you need to record yourself during the presentation
  4. Open your presentation and share your screen. See Screen sharing a PowerPoint presentation 
  5. Click the Record button when you are ready to record
  6. Stop the recording when you are finished
  7. Zoom will convert the recording to a file you can access on your computer when you end the meeting. 
  8. Submit this file using the instructions provided by your instructor.   

Microsoft Teams 

Online/cloud recording is available in Microsoft Teams, an app that is available in your Office365 accounts associated with your IVCC student email account. The recording is saved to Microsoft Stream – a video streaming service that comes with Office365.    

  1. To use the Office 365 online apps, log into your student email account, select the app launcher in the upper left corner (9 squares), then select Microsoft Teams. 
  2. In Teams, click on the calendar and choose Meet Now. 
  3. Enable your Webcam if you need to record yourself during the presentation. Note: you will not be visible while you are sharing your screen. 
  4. Open your presentation. 
  5. Go to the meeting controls and select More options (3 dots) and choose Start Recording. 
  6. Stop the recording and end the meeting.
  7. After ending the meeting, the recording is processed and saved to Microsoft Stream. 
  8. When the recording is ready, a link to the meeting is displayed in the MS Teams chat area.  You will also receive an email in your student email account with a link to your presentation. 
  9. Copy the link and paste in into an email or to the assignment submission area. For more information see Play and share a meeting recording in Teams.

For help, call 815-224-0318, email, or make an appointment to visit the Academic Support Center on the Oglesby Campus, A-201.