Rental Return and Buyback will be 7/27 & 7/28 from 9 AM -4:30 PM. All books must be returned to the Oglesby Campus.

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Inclusive Access

Why is IVCC making Inclusive Access available?

IVCC’s goals through Inclusive Access are:

  • Reducing the cost of course materials (better pricing)
  • Improving student outcomes (better grades)

How do students benefit from Inclusive Access?

  • Reduced textbook costs.
  • Access on day 1 to Inclusive Access materials, guaranteed to be correct.
  • Inclusive access materials are the most current version available.
  • Adaptive and interactive content is included.
  • Faculty chooses the content for the course, retaining their academic freedom.
  • Content is available to the student beyond the classroom

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Textbook Basics

Rental Program

Rentals are available for approximately 25 titles.  Pay $48 to rent and if brought back on time and in good condition, receive $20 cash during rental return at the end of the semester.


A digital version of a regular textbook-accessible on any device that can reach the internet. All e-book are able to be downloaded on to a phone, tablet, or laptop to be able to read where internet service is not available.

New and Used

Hardcover, paperback or loose-leaf versions of the adopted textbook, depending on availability.

Inclusive Access

Course materials are chosen by your instructor and you pay for them during registration. 

Rental Books

IVCC Bookstore Textbook Rental Program

Take advantage of our textbook "rental-option" when purchasing books. If a textbook is designated as a "rental-option" title, students have the option of purchasing the textbook or renting.

Designated textbooks are rented for $48 each, which includes a $28 rental fee plus a $20 deposit. When the student has finished with their rental book at the end of the semester, he/she returns it to the IVCC Bookstore by the published date on the rental agreement and receives his/her $20 deposit back. The student's final textbook rental cost is $28. The rental return period coincides with Buyback.You may rent textbooks online at ivccbookstore.myresero.comWhen your textbooks appear on the screen, choose the line item including 'to rent'.

Continuing Education

The following Continuing Education books are those that are provided in the bookstore. Please contact with any questions about course requirements.


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Our Mission

The IVCC Bookstore is a self-supporting operation owned and operated by Illinois Valley Community College. The IVCC Bookstore is committed to serving students, faculty, staff, and visitors to our campus with the products and services necessary for their success within the college environment. These products and services will be delivered with courtesy, professionalism and an understanding of our financial responsibility to the college as a whole.

Feel free to contact these members of the Bookstore staff if you have questions:

Lauren Catalina, Bookstore Manager,
Gabby Sorenson, Assistant Manager,

Contact Us

815 N Orlando Smith St
Oglesby, IL 61348

*Located in C Building next to the Library and Cyber Cafe.

815-224-0311 [phone]

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Store Hours

Monday- Friday
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

**The IVCC Bookstore observes all college holiday closures, summer hours, and Thanksgiving and Winter Break. For questions about accommodations outside of store hours, please call 815-224-0311.**