Inclusive Access

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access delivers course materials digitally through the LMS on day one of the class. The cost of the course materials is bundled with tuition, so it can be rolled into a payment plan or paid with financial aid. Inclusive Access always includes an e-book, sometimes comes with courseware, and most times a loose-leaf text can be purchased for an additional small fee.

Why Choose Inclusive Access?

IVCC’s goals through Inclusive Access are:

  • Reducing the cost of course materials (better pricing)
  • Improving student outcomes (better grades)
  • How do students benefit from Inclusive Access?

    • Reduced textbook costs.
    • Access on day 1 to Inclusive Access materials, guaranteed to be correct.
    • Inclusive access materials are the most current version available.
    • Adaptive and interactive content is included.
    • Faculty chooses the content for the course, retaining their academic freedom.
    • Content is available to the student beyond the classroom


Pricing of Inclusive Access materials

How much does Inclusive Access cost?

Prices can be up to 60% off the cost of a printed text.

How is Inclusive Access priced?

The instructor works with a publisher to decide what digital products will be made available to their students through IA. A price for the materials is negotiated. Students accounts are charged this course materials fee at the time of registration.

Am I required to pay the Inclusive Access fee?

No. Students can opt out from time of registration until 10th day if they want to opt out of instructor developed course materials. You are responsible for obtaining the materials for your class and will no longer be eligible for the discounted rates available to the Inclusive Access opt-in students.

Can Inclusive Access fees be added to a payment plan?

Yes. Please contact the cashier for information on payment plans.

Can I use my financial aid to pay for Inclusive Access?

There are many forms of financial aid accepted by IVCC. Each has different rules about what they will or will not pay for. It would be best to contact your Financial Aid adviser and ask if your particular form of financial aid will cover Inclusive Access materials.

Opting Out

Understanding opt-out:

  • When a student enrolls in an IA course, he/she is automatically opted-in.
  • By law, students must be given the ability to opt-out, in other words, not to pay the course materials fee.
  • Due to the nature of IA digital course materials created by the publisher, according to the instructor's design, they may not be found elsewhere in this format.
  • It is strongly advised if a student wants to opt-out, that they do so before 10th day and discuss with their instructor. 

How do I opt-out?

Students wishing to opt-out will go to their course in Brightspace and click into eCampus Inclusive Access. You will see a screen that allows you to begin reading. There is also a box at the bottom of the screen that you can click to opt-out. If assistance is needed, the IVCC Bookstore or eCampus customer support can help. 

What happens if I opt-out?

You are responsible for obtaining the materials for you class and will no longer be eligible for discounted rates available to the Inclusive Access opt-in students. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Gabby at the IVCC Bookstore at 815-224-0222.

If I drop do I need to opt-out?

No. You will automatically lose access to the Inclusive Access materials. If the drop occurs before the 10th day, refunds will be issued for the course materials in the manner you paid for them.

What happens if I opt-out by mistake?

By the 10th day, opt back in again. After, the 10th day- contact or


Technical Support

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with access to online content?

Please email or 

Other sources for technical support

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