Nontraditional Careers

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What is a Nontraditional Occupation?

The U.S. Department of Labor defines a nontraditional occupation as one in which 25 percent or less of the workforce is of one gender. In the examples above, only 24.9 percent of information security analysts are women, and only 11.4 percent of registered nurses are men.

In other words, if an occupation's workforce is predominately of one gender (75 percent or more), that occupation is considered nontraditional for the opposite or underrepresented gender.

Be open to new fields and roles you never considered before!

In reality very few jobs have actual requirements that limit employment to only women or only men. Your career choice should be based on personal interests, aptitudes and goals, not gender. Don't limit yourself!

Why are Nontraditional Careers Important?

Many of the fastest growing fields in CTE and STEM careers are in nontraditional fields. Being familiar with nontraditional fields, as well as their importance to the work force, will make you more aware of gender bias and representation in the future.

Prepare for a Nontraditional Career at IVCC

IVCC has various programs of study. Many of our programs lead to nontraditional careers. Explore options that might be right for you: