Placement Information for HS Counselors

High school students have the option of placement testing through individual appointments or an arranged group testing either at IVCC location or at the high school (coordinated by the Assessment Center and the high school counselor/appropriate party).
Please note- students with accommodations must first be in communication with IVCC's Center for Accessibility and Neurodiversity to recieve appropriate accommodations for placement testing.  


Students can make individual appointments for on campus testing.   Students can go online to and make their own appointment for placement testing at either the Oglesby campus or IVCC Ottawa Center.  Appointments are offered at the main campus and Ottawa Center.  We once again have both morning and afternoon options available.  



IVCC is still utilizing a third party proctoring company to provide placement testing at home (or even during the school day if that works for your student and setup).   Students can request a virtual testing voucher here:


Scheduled placement testing at your high school (depending on your visitor policy) will be offered. Please go to to schedule by choosing Oglesby and then HS COUNSELORS ONLY to schedule either testing at your high school or a group session at IVCC in Oglesby or at your high school.  Visits to high schools will be in Spring 2024 semester. Group testing at IVCC may be more flexible through the week.                                   


  1. A minimum of 10 students must be established for testing.  
  2. Students must have submitted application three weeks before and the list must stay consistent once provided to IVCC Assessment Center. 
  3. Technical requirements must be communicated to the school's IT staff prior to testing to ensure limited issues occur while students have testing administered at your high school. COMPUTER LAB CRITERIA ; ACCUPLACER ADMINISTRATION- CHROMEBOOK
  4. Due to staffing and other limitations, high school group testing should only plan on one proctor being available and only one session being offered at your school.

Students can be bussed by your high school for a scheduled Admissions/Placement testing day to IVCC campus (Oglesby).  We would work on arranging days/times for this depending on room scheduling on campus.  For social distancing purposes, we are capping this scheduled group visit to no more than 38 students (unless social distancing policies change prior to testing date).  Admissions staff would also meet with your students and provide a tour of campus or have another pre-determined activity planned for the remainder of the time you are on campus.   You would be able to register your group of students at Registerblast by selecting “High School Placement Testing- HS Counselors only” and finding availability that way. This would be a great option to combine an admissions visit with placement testing!  

If you choose this route, it would be similar to Assessment Center staff coming to your campus. Three weeks before your scheduled visit, we would be in contact with you to request a list of the students and additional information of who will be coming for the group testing/visit. We will also determine the start time for the day at this time as well. Please make certain students have turned in their IVCC applications before this three week time frame.  

Students will begin their day with their placement testing.  When students get complete their testing, Admissions will have either a tour or another arranged activity for students for take part in for the remainder of the day.

Students should bring an ID for their testing/campus visit.  Depending on the length of time your visit, students should also bring a sack lunch.

With both the on campus appointments and virtual proctoring, we highly recommend students making their appointments as early as possible.  IVCC Freshmen Counseling and Registration appointments (FCR) information will be made available in the near future by the IVCC Admissions staff and Counseling Center.  IVCC has also extended the use of PSAT (versions 10 or NMSQT) scores to use for registration for courses for future semesters for both dual credit and graduating seniors.  Graduating seniors may be eligible for college level/transferrable course work based on their official high school GPA  and courses taken during high school. Please continue working with your students that are coming to IVCC to submit their 7th semester transcript and also make certain that final transcripts are sent in addition to all testing scores (PSAT 10 or NMSQT, ACT or SAT) that the school has on file.   These documents can be found online at: Placement Indicator Tool