College Forms

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If you need additional assistance with any of the PDF forms, please contact CETLA.

Annual Plans

Creating Annual Plans - Instructions (PDF)
Annual Plan Form  (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Annual Plan Annual Report Form  (PDF) (open, download, and save)


Copy Request Form - available at the Copy Center
Incident Report - contact Campus Security, x314
Key Assignment Card - contact Facilities, x300
Petition to Teach Outside Summer Schedule Blocks (open, download, and save)
Room Reservation Requests - Please use 25Live or contact, x406, or, x300.
Storage Request Form  (PDF) (open, download, and save)

Academic Records

Cooperative Agreement Form

Course and Program Development

See Curricular Processes Page
Master Course Outline - please contact, x409

Program Enhancement Plan

Program Enhancement Plan Process (PDF)
Program Enhancement Plan Template (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Program Enhancement Plan Proposal Form (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Program Enhancement Plan Annual Report (PDF) (open, download, and save)

Expectations of Faculty

Guidelines for Program Coordinators (PDF) - updated 3-4-2020
Other Expectations of Faculty (PDF)

Faculty Compensation

Faculty Advancement Plan (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Personnel Leave Taken (PDF)
Payroll Request Form
Personnel Leave Request Form
Part-Time Faculty Travel Stipend
Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (PDF) (open, download, and save)

Faculty Evaluation

Non-Tenured Faculty Evaluation System

Guidelines and Procedures for Non-Tenured Faculty Evaluation System (PDF)
Appendix A Non-Tenured Faculty Observation Form (for Deans/Directors) (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Appendix B Non-Tenured Faculty Contributions to the Institution (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Appendix C Non-Tenured Faculty Professional Development Activity Record (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Appendix D Non-Tenured Faculty Student Course Feedback Guidelines (old) (PDF)
Appendix D Non-Tenured Faculty Student Course Feedback (EEC approved 2017) (PDF)
Appendix E Non-Tenured Faculty Faculty Handbook (PDF)
Appendix F Non-Tenured Faculty Categories for Portfolio Development and Evaluation (PDF)
Appendix G Non-Tenured Faculty Development Plan (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Evaluation of Non-Tenured Lab Instructors (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Non-Tenured Faculty Observation Form (for faculty liaisons) (PDF) (open, download, and save)

Post-Tenure Faculty Review System

Post-Tenure Faculty Review System (PDF)
Appendix A Self-Reflection (PDF) (open, download, and save, open Adobe, open form)
Appendix B Sample CV/Resume (PDF)
Appendix C Student Feedback Instrument, Teaching Faculty (PDF)
Appendix D Student Feedback Instrument, Counseling Faculty (PDF)
Appendix E Observation Form, Teaching Faculty  (PDF)
Appendix F Observation Form, Counseling Faculty (PDF) (open, download, and save, open Adobe, open form)
Appendix G Signature Page (PDF)
Appendix H Improvement Plan (PDF) (open, download, and save, open Adobe, open form)
Appendix I Summary Form (PDF)

Faculty Workload

Sabbatical Leave Request Instructions (PDF)
Sabbatical Leave Request Form - Faculty (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Sabbatical Leave Request Form - Recommendation of the Dean (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Sabbatical Leave Request Form - Recommendation of the President (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Proposal for Alternative Option for Making Load (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Work Transfer Process Description (PDF)
Work Transfer Form (PDF) (open, download, and save)

Professional Development

Salary Schedule Advancement (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Learning Enhancement Opportunity (LEO) Proposal (PDF) (open, download, and save)
Activities Proposed for Professional Development - Stipend Request (Learning Resources) (PDF) (open, download, and save)

Program Assessment

See Curricular Processes Page 

Student Conduct

Academic Dishonesty Report  (PDF) (open, download, and save)