Orientation to Distance Learning (CSP-0002)

You are enrolled in an online class.  Now what? 

Complete the online orientation course, CSP-0002.  If this is your first online course, you are required to complete CSP-0002 - Orientation to Distance Learning. CSP-0002 is a fully online orientation.

How Online Classes Work

  • Online learning requires time management, dedicated study time, and access to a computer and the internet.  Try to schedule 5-9 hours per week for each class you're taking (3 credit hour course in a 16-week semester).
  • Online classes are generally not self-paced; the instructor will give you due dates for assignments in email and/or Brightspace.
  • You have access to ONLINE academic support resources (tutoring, writing center, library, help desk). Use them!

Get Connected

Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.  If you cannot get something to open, try a different browser.  Need more help?  Contact the Student Help Desk, A201, 815-224-0318, shd@ivcc.edu 

Be Successful

  • Log in regularly and participate
  • Read and re-read assignment instructions
  • Schedule your day and week for time to study and do assignments
  • Email your instructor, ask questions
  • Work on assignments before they are due
  • Submit assignments by the deadlines
  • Keep track of your grades

Hardware and Software Needs

  • Internet Service and Hotspots - visit the www.ivcc.edu/learningresources page for a list of known providers and plans
  • You may be able to do some of your online work on a smart phone, but your best experience will be on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Brightspace Pulse app is available in your app store.  Read announcements and check your grades using the app but we recommend not using the app for online quizzes or tests.

Word Processing

Taking Tests Online in Brightspace

You may need to take a quiz or test in Brightspace.  Consider these tips and access the resources below if you're required to use Respondus LockDown Browser or Respondus Monitor.

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable.
  • Close all other applications and browsers, including music applications.
  • Do not use the browser's Back button or Refresh buttons during a test.
  • Use the Save button next to each question.  When tests display one question at a time, the response is automatically saved when you move to the next question. 
  • Some tests are timed.  A countdown timer will alert you of your time remaining.  The timer will not stop until the test is submitted.
  • At the end of the test, click the Submit button only once and wait for a confirmation that the test is submitted.

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor

You may be expected to use Respondus Lockdown Browser or Respondus Monitor for online testing.  To learn more about these tools, visit the Student Help Desk information page.
For help with Respondus Lockdown Browser, Respondus Monitor, or student technology, contact the Student Help Desk, 815-224-0318, shd@ivcc.edu 

When you need help, reach out to us: