Right to Know

Student Code of Conduct

This webpage provides information and links to information that is critical for IVCC students to have access to and to be aware of. Please utilize these resources to assist you in being an informed student. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office for the Vice-President of Student Services.

Consumer Information: Student Right-To-Know and Crime Statistics

This link provides information on IVCC crime statistics that are published each year, as well as information about the college and resources available to students. This is a very in-depth link with a tremendous amount of information.

Student Rights, Responsibilities, & Code of Conduct

This link provides information about student rights, responsibilities, and the process for dealing with academic and non-academic issues.

Substance Abuse Facts and Resource Guide

The link provides information about addiction, as well as resources available to students who may be struggling with addiction or who want to assist someone who is battling addiction. The document at the end is an excel spreadsheet to assist students with identifying different drugs and their impact.

FERPA (Information Privacy and Security)

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) governs the way the college secures your information. This site will describe the information that we are required to keep secure, as well as what this means to you as a student.

Feedback Form

This form will allow you to provide feedback to IVCC as we continuously look to improve.