Financial Aid Forms

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 Appeal of Suspended Eligibility

Complete this form if.....
     You have been suspended from receiving financial aid due to unsatisfactory academic progress, graduation, or reaching the maximum timeframe required for your program of study.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Dependency Status Appeal

Complete this form if......
     You would like to appeal your dependency status on your FAFSA.  A dependency status appeal will only be considered for those students who have mitigating circumstances and can prove: 1) that their income is sufficient to be self-supporting and 2) that there is a valid reason why their parent should not be expected to make their federally expected contribution to the student's educational costs.

2023-2024 Dependency Status Appeal Form

2022-2023 Dependency Status Appeal Form

Special Circumstance

Financial aid awards are generally based on you and/or your parents' income from 2 years prior. If the family has an extenuating set of circumstances that warrant special attention, the federal and state governments and IVCC allow the Office of Financial Aid to use "professional judgement" in making adjustments that adequately reflect the family's ability to support your educational expenses. An example is that one parent had income from a job during the year reported on the FAFSA, but lost his/her job in the following year. 

The minimum general guidelines to be applied in each case are:

  • The family circumstances must be documented. Required documentation will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • The college cannot make across-the-board professional judgments for entire groups of people with similar circumstances (such as all employees laid off by a particular employer.) Professional judgment must be on a case-by-case basis.
  • The expenses or loss of income in question must be of a nature that is beyond the control of the family.
  • The adjustment that can be made is to use the income for the current year instead of the income for the preceding year. If a projection is used, copies of the current year tax return will be required when they are available and may impact eligibility.

2023-2024 Special Circumstance Form

2022-2023  Special Circumstance Form


Financial Aid Forms

Dependent Forms are for students under the age of 24 who are required to file the FAFSA using financial information for themselves and their parents. Independent Forms are for all students over the age of 24 and students under the age of 24 who are deemed independent through the FAFSA application process.  Independent students are only required to use their own (and spouse's, if applicable) financial information on the FAFSA.