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Monday-Friday, 8 AM-4:30 PM (except Friday during summer and holidays)
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Learn for life! Illinois Valley Community College offers a variety of curated topics led by subject matter experts, faculty, authors, historians and museum educators. Discover herbs beneficial to your health, learn about the race to the moon, or discover how prohibition actually helped organized crime! Register for the whole series, or just the topics you are interested in. 
All online live classroom courses meet via Zoom. A meeting invite will be emailed within 24 hours before class begins. Participants need access to a computer with high-speed internet. A webcam and microphone are recommended but are not required. 
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In celebration of IVCC's 100th Centennial Celebration, we are offering a special discounted rate of $100 for all 14 classes included in IVCC's Spring 2024 Online Lifelong Learning Program. Participate in just 6 or more online live classes to save! You will receive the links for each class within 24 hours of each session. 
Use Code IVCC1924 to receive the special rate! 

Classes included in the series: 

Join us for a guided tour through the past 100 years ofoutstanding comedies in John LeGear's film history presentation Comedy Gold on the Silver Screen. Witness the evolution of humor on film since the arrival of Charlie Chaplin in Hollywood in 1914 and enjoy a taste of television comedy in this swiftmoving tribute to outstanding writing, direction, and performance, In addition to laughs, you'll learn of little-known insights and fresh perspectives on some of film history's comedy classics 
Wed    6-7:30 PM               Jan 24
1 Session                  John LeGear 
Online Live    Class ID: 14325    $19 
Learn which herbs and foods can bring more sunshine into your world and keep you buoyant and revitalized when the temperatures dip and the skies are gray. Explore creative uses of herbs and food for well-being, immune health and getting enough sleep. 
Tue    6-7:15 PM                   Feb 6 
1 Session                  Dawn Petter 
Online Live  Class ID: 14326     $19 
The beginning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be traced to the early 1950's when programmers made checkers and chess playing computers. Then came Shakey, the first AI robot, which was basically a box on wheels, What are some other Al breakthroughs? What is the current status of Al development? What do scientists envision for the future of Al? This course will present a timeline on the scientific development of artificial intelligence and uses in our world. 
Tue    1-2:30 PM                Feb 13
1 Session      Dr. Suzanne Rausch
Online Live   Class ID: 14327    $19
NEW! U.S. Presidents - Everything you did not know!
Everything you did not know about our presidents The great and not-so*reat have many secrets, nuances, and happenstances that make the leaders of our nation's leaders interesting, regular people, or anything but normal! Consider this the bachelor, 14 children, skinny dipper, wealthiest to poorest, what did they do before and after their Presidencies, pets, foibles, and firsts among many points of interest You will never look at a penny the same again. 
Mon     1-3 PM                   Feb 19
1 Session               Steve Aavang
Online Live   Class ID: 14328   $19
NEW! Joseph Goebbels The Man Who Seduced a Nation 
This year's 85th anniversary of the beginning of World War Il presents a fitting occasion to take a closer look at Hitler's mouthpiece, Joseph Goebbels. Through his perfidious use of propaganda, this quintessential Nazi was not only able to turn the Dictator into a worshipped god-like figure, but he also seduced a whole nation and made many stubbornly believe in an essentially unwinnable war. German historian Anette Isaacs presents fascinating insights into the life and mind of this powerful manipulator. 
Tue   1-3 PM                    Feb 20
1 Session             Annette Isaacs
Online Live   Class ID: 14330   $19
NEW! The Atomic Age and its Chicago Beginnings 
Learn about the extraordinary scientists of Chicago who were instrumental in developing the atomic bomb. Discover how the Atomic Age began in Chicago with Enrico Fermi in 1942, as he oversaw the first human-caused, self-controlled nuclear chain reaction, Learn how this discovery would ultimately lead to the Arms Race and the Cold War. 
Tue    10 AM-12PM            Feb 27 
1 Session              Jay Sternickle 
Online Live    Class ID: 14329  $19 
Get your kicks on Route 66 during this class that explores the history of the "Mother Road." Route 66 was established in 1926 and covered a total of 2,448 miles stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles. This class looks at the history of the highway with special attention paid to its route through Illinois.
Wed  1-3 PM                   Feb 28
1 Session             Jay Sternickle
Online Live   Class ID: 14343  $19
NEW! Gardening with a Goal in Mind 
Master Gardener Natalie Martin will walk you through the process of using goal-based gardening to jumpstart your garden plan for the year. Using the S.M.A.RJ. goal framework, come up with some ideas for your garden this year and make them achievable! 
Tue   6-7:15 PM                 Mar 5
1 Session             Natalie Martin
Online Live  Class ID: 14332   $19
NEW! Prohibition: The Best Thing that Happened to Organized Crime 
How did mobsters become millionaires? Find out what the Prohibition amendment set out to do, the challenges faced by law enforcement and violent, illegal rackets that sprang up to quench America's thirst. This program will be presented by an educator at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, NIL This non-profit museum has a mission to advance the public understanding of organized crime's history and impact on American society. 
Thu   10:30 -11:45 AM            Mar 7 
1 Session   Mob Museum Educator 
Online Live   Class ID: 14333     $19 

NEW! Listen to the Wolves 
Based upon my book of the same name, the story of a man who survives in the stark Canadian wilderness in the winter by listening to the lessons the wolves show him and the practices of the Native Americans (first Nation's People) whom he studies as part of his Ph.D. work. A sudden storm brings his bush plane down and after surviving the crash the man must walk out of the wilderness with the few items he can salvage from his plane. Would you be able to do the same? Techniques of survival and personal qualities will be revealed and discussed. 
Thu   1-3 PM                      Mar 14
1 Session               Steve Aavang
Online Live   Class ID: 14334   $19 
NEW! The Duelists: Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton 
In 1804, vice-president Aaron Burr met former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton on a riverbank at dawn with loaded pistols, to settle an affair of honor with a duel. The result was tragic. The story of how Hamilton and Burr ended up in that duel - now an award-winning musical - is full of intrigue. This presentation will explore the characters of Hamilton and Burr, the roles they played in their in revolutionary timest and how the struggles and passions of their era led them to the final duel. 
Mon   1-3 PM                   Mar 18
1 Session          Joyce Hayworth
Online Live  Class ID: 14335   $19 
From Paul Bunyan to the Hodag, this program presented by Chad Lewis, who has authored over 30 books and has been featured on numerous shows, is filled with all of the Lumberjack traditions, superstitions and legends, Filled with tall tales of mysterious creatures lurking in the woods, boasts of supernatural feats and every yarn told in-between, this program celebrates our lumberjack history. Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a fascinating way to spend an evening.
Tue   6-7 PM                   Mar 26
1 Session                 Chad Lewis
Online Live   Class ID: 14344  $19 
While Project Mercury proved that NASA could successfully launch astronauts into orbit and recover them, many lessons still needed to be learned before landing on the moon, Taking place between 1965 and 1966, Project Gemini featured a 2-man spacecraft and a more powerful rocket Project Gemini set out to practice many of the maneuvers and techniques required to travel to and land on the moon such as learning to intercept and dock with other spacecraft, learning how to perform outside the spacecraft in a spacesuit, and testing astronauts' endurance to survive in space for weeks at a time.
Wed   10-11:30AM            April 7 
1 Session     Mike Frederiksen
Online Live Class ID: 14331 $19
Gorillas come to life in stories and pictures from the presenter's three gorilla tracking expeditions in the Congo's Kahuzi-Biega National Park. Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park, and Ugandats Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Participants will learn about gorilla behavior, their similarities to us, and threats to their continued survival. Primatologist Dian Fossey's s life and work, as well as her still unsolved murder, will be discussed.
Mon     1:30-3:30 PM         Apr 22   
1 Session         Dr. John Ulferts
Online Live  Class ID: 14336 $19

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