The ICAPS Model Classes

What are ICAPS Classes?

Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System (ICAPS) classes are designed for students enrolled in Adult Education and Career Technical Education classes who are seeking a high school equivalency through GED®Testing and obtain industry recognized credentials. Classes include the following:
     - Integrated and contextualized Adult Education curricula in a team taught
       environment incorporating shared learning objectives
     - Workforce Preparation, Training and Career Development
     - Critical Thinking, Technical, and Employability Skills
     - Comprehensive Student Support and Transition to College Services

ICAPS Results

     - High School Equivalency (HSE) through GED®Testing
     - Industry Recognized, Transferrable and Stackable College Crendentials
     - Employment Opportunities

Learn how IVCC's Career and Technical Education and Adult Education programs are working together to bring services to students in the Illinois Valley through the ICAPS (Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System) model.

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