Organization and Event Cash Collection Procedure

Money collection

All Student Organizations sponsoring an event or collecting cash for fundraising purposes shall adhere to this procedure. Even if a cash box is not needed, ALL monies collected must be deposited in the Accounting Department.


Requesting a Cash Box

If a cash box will be needed for the event, please contact the Accounting Department at ext. 518 or 501.

The following information must be provided:

  • date needed,
  • amount and denominations needed,
  • and the event for which a cash box is needed.

Please give the Accounting Department 48 hours’ notice if possible. The designated person for the organization or event will pick up the cash box on the day of the event, verify the amount, and initial they have received it.

Once the box is returned, the money will again be counted and verified by the organization and the Accounting department.


Cash Reconciliation

 The IVCC Cash Reconciliation Sheet Form shall be used for all cash collections. 

If a cash box is requested, the form will be included in the cash box. 

This form is to be used for all cash collected by Student Organizations, Athletics and any other department that receives cash. The form should include:

  • a listing of the deposit,
  • an explanation of the deposit,
  • G/L account number, and
  • the Advisor’s signature verifying the amount. 

This form and the deposit should be returned to the Accounting Department the next business day after the event. 

All funds collected must be deposited. Any expenses to conduct the fundraiser or event should be submitted separately to the Accounting Department for reimbursement.