21st Century Scholars Membership

Since its founding in 2007 the Society has awarded over $200,000 to 177 students.

To join the Society or for information, contact Mr. Fran Brolley, Executive Director of Community Relations and Development, at fran_brolley@ivcc.edu or (815) 224-0466.

These individuals support our most promising students:
*Charter members since 2007

Dr. Deborah Anderson
Aziz & Wendy Asphahani
Harold & Nancy Barnes*
Joshua & Dr. Cecile Becker*
Steve & Laurie Bonucci
Lou & Fran Borio
Fran & Mary Brolley
Mary Brolley* in honor of Ray & Therese Brolley
Vince & Donna Brolley
Allan & Bonnie-Bennett Campbell
The Cantlin Law Firm represented by Jack & Kathy Cantlin
Dr. Jerry & Katherine Corcoran
Gary & Debbie Dahl*
June Freebairn
Keith & Jane Goetz*
Ron & Kim Groleau
Mark & Elizabeth Grzybowski
Kevin & Sherianne Hermes
Dr. Patrice M. Hess
Hometown National Bank represented by Dave & Deanne Conterio
Larry & Christine Huffman*
Larry & Gayla Johnson
Aseret & David Loveland
Jim & Marilyn Loveland
Steve & Mary Malinsky
Dr. Robert & Vicki Marshall*
Colleen & Dave McClure
Dr. Holly Novak
Nelson & Karen Nussbaum
Melissa & Doug Olivero
Julie Ramza & Patricia Fester
Delores Robinson & Patrick Stevens
Dr. Sue Schmitt*
Owen & Patricia Seibert
John C. & Doris T. Smith*
Jim Stevenson & Janet Biolchini
O.J. & Susie Stoutner*
The William and Dian Taylor Foundation* represented by William & Dian Taylor
Dennis & Linda Thompson*
Malcolm M. Whipple Family*