Magna Commons Professional Development at IVCC

IVCC subscribes to a professional development resource, Magna Commons.  Content is available to all IVCC personnel by contacting CETLA at The content is also curated into professional development workshops and other events at IVCC.

Test Construction and Administration

This series involves viewing 20-Minute Mentor videos related to test construction and administration. Participants will view video content and produce reflections, testing plans, item analysis, and other artifacts.

  • This is a self-paced series that should be completed within a semester; summer, fall, or spring. 
  • Participants who successfully complete all of the series task are eligible for salary movement (FT faculty) or a stipend (FT or PT faculty). 
  • Series tasks may include reviewing and revising a test, test item analysis, refining academic honesty language, learning outcomes assessment, and/or preparing students for testing well and reducing anxiety.
  • To register, email CETLA,