Campus Security Measures - A Message from President Morris

In light of the threats and tragedies which have impacted our colleges and communities throughout the nation, listed here you will find information on the resources available concerning the safety of our campus.  These features have been put in place throughout the years as a proactive effort to enhance the safety of our college community. These include:
  • Campus Security 24/7

  • Emergency Call Boxes

  • Campus Alarm System

  • over 100 Surveillance Cameras, scanning and recording 24/7

  • Access to Local Law Enforcement Officials

  • Ability to Secure Access to Rooms on campus with proximity card readers, by room or building

  • Ability to Broadcast Messages through our Alarm System

  • NOAA Weather Bulletins and Radios

  • Alerts to Area News Media

  • Weather Sirens

  • Phone announcement capability

  • Ability to Broadcast Electronic Mail to all students and employees

  • Ability to Post Updates on our Website

  • Secure Campus Storm Shelters

  • Immediate action guide in each room
  • Evacuation maps in each room

  • Emergency notifications by text message and email

  • Rescue assistance areas in all upper level staircases

We continue to explore additional safety measures for the campus including other means of technology and advancements in communication.

IVCC has an active Safety Committee comprised of college officials and community experts which meets on a regular basis.  This committee reviews all safety related policies, procedures and responses.

I fully realize that we are unable to anticipate every possible emergency scenario and welcome your input. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thank you for your concern in helping to make our campus a safer environment for learning.


Dr. Tracy Morris