IVCC-LPO Hall of Fame

The Illinois Valley Community College Foundation established in 2008 the IVCC-LPO Hall of Fame. The Hall honors the college’s most distinguished former students, faculty, staff and friends. 

The focus of the “Hall” is  to honor the academic, fine arts, athletic or career achievements of alumni during their years at IVCC or LPO or in their personal or professional lives. In addition, the Hall recognizes individuals who may not have attended the college but who made a significant difference in the lives of students through their service or generosity to the college. Nominees must have earned national, state or local renown for their accomplishments.

In addition to recognizing individuals and teams, the Foundation hopes to inspire and enlighten current students and create a culture of achievement and excellence. We hope that today’s students will aspire to one day be inducted into the Hall.

Nomination Information

Nominations are accepted online or  printable form. Nominations are due by April 30,2015 in the IVCC Foundation Office, Room C202, Illinois Valley Community College, 815 N. Orlando Smith Road, Oglesby, IL  61348. Inductees will be honored at a ceremony on November 20, 2015.

All nominees not selected for the upcoming class will be retained and considered for induction in future years. Nominators are encouraged to submit additional information to enhance their nominee's profile. Nominations can also be rewritten and resubmitted. 

For information, contact Fran Brolley, Director of Community Relations and Development at (815)224-0466 or fran_brolley@ivcc.edu.or Janice Corrigan, Foundation Assistant/Alumni Coordinator at (815)224-0253 or janice_corrigan@ivcc.edu.


Inductee Directory

Hall of Fame Inductees 2008-2016

2016 IVCC-LPO Hall of Fame Inductees