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What is Computer Aided Design (CAD)? 

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Computer-Aided Drafting and/or Design (CAD or CADD) technicians use special computer software programs to create drawings and sketches. They may draw objects ranging from simple parts to complex building designs, or even small electronics components. Students graduating from the CAD program will have a working knowledge of project management, CAD customization and CAD as it applies to the mechanical, architectural, and civil/structural fields. Drafting is technical drawing. It is the creation of a drawing or graphical representation of a building, mechanical device or other structure to aid in the creation of that device or structure.

Multiple Program Options

Students can earn a Basic CAD certificate in two semesters or a Mechanical/Electrical CAD and/or Architectural/Civil CAD certificate in three semesters. Students can also continue working towards the Associate in Applied Science degree and if pursuing full-time can complete within two years. IVCC has a partnership in place with Northern Illinois University for students to complete a Bachelor’s Degree utilizing the 3+1 program (three years at IVCC and complete the final year or 30 credit hours either on-line or face-to-face with NIU).

Hands on Training and Experience

IVCC’s CAD program uses state of the art computers and the most current instructional software. Instruction revolves around the utilization of 2D CAD and Solidmodeling software, including AutoCAD, and Solidworks. Activities using 3D scanners and printers are incorporated in courses. There are also three 3D printers available for use. Courses in the CAD program are offered in a face-to-face and online format to meet the needs of our traditional and adult student populations. The program also includes an on-the-job work experience related to your career interests.


IVCC tuition is just one-third to one-fourth the cost of state universities and far below most private institutions. An approximation of tuition and fees and cost comparison can be found on the IVCC website at and at
Many scholarship opportunities are available through the IVCC Foundation at and Financial Aid is available for those who qualify at
High school dual credit courses are available through some in-district high schools.

Career Options

Engineering Technician, CAD Draftsman, Detailer, CAD Designer and Design Technologist

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