Donald Leynaud

Part-Time Instructor Biology
(815) 224-0482
A318 and A101 (Biology Lab)

CURRENT DUTIES AT IVCC                                     

  • Teach BIO 1001-General Biology 1,  Fall  Semester
  •  Lab Teaching/Supervision,  Spring and Summer Semesters


  • BS in Biology/Zoology Eastern Illinois University
  • MS in Biology/Zoology Eastern Illinois University
  • Additional Post-Graduate Classes taken at: Illinois State University, University of Evansville, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Retired Full-Time Instructor of Biological Sciences at Illinois Eastern Community Colleges/Wabash Valley Campus-- 33 years
  • Have taught the following classes: General Biology 1, 2; General Botany; General Zoology; Microbiology; Medical Terminology; Human Anatomy and Physiology 1,2; Human Cadaver Gross Anatomy Dissection
  • Adjunct (Part-Time) Faculty at IVCC, Biological/Life Sciences Since 2016
  • Current Assignments at IVCC: Instructor of General Biology 1 (BIO 1001) in Fall Semester; General Biology Lab Supervision for Spring and Summer Semesters
  • Philosophy for Learning and Success:  "Those willing to put the time into their education and implementing the 3 Rs: Reliability, Responsibility, and Respect will continue on to bigger and better horizons.  Those expecting everything for free and do very little to nothing toward their education will have a rough road ahead of them.  There is no free-lunch in education or life".