Tammy Landgraf

Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator
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Tues.: 10:45-12:30; TH: 10:45 - 2:00

FALL 2020:  Due to the unpredictability of COVID-19 virus, all ECE classes for FA20 will be offered in an online or virtual format.  

  • No on-campus class meetings will be required. 
  • All observation hours and field experience hours connected to ECE courses will be embedded into courses. 
  • No background checks will be required for the FA20 semester since no outside observation hours/field experiences will be occurring at sites. 

 If you have questions about courses you can take, please contact me at 815-224-0477 or tammy_landgraf@ivcc.edu  or contact counseling at 815-224-0360.