July 22, 2021 Facilities Committee Meeting

The Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 met at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 22, 2020 in the Board Room (C307) at Illinois Valley Community College.

Committee Members Physically Present

Angela M. Stevenson, Secretary

Maureen O. Rebholz

Committee Members Absent

Committee Members Virtually Present

Other Board Members Physically Present

Others Physically Present

Jerry Corcoran, President

 Cheryl Roelfsema, Vice President for Business Services and Finance

Matt Seaton, Vice President for Business Services and Finance

Chris Dunlap, Director of Information Technology

Scott Curley, Director of Facilities

Reed Wilson, Assistant to the President

Dominick Demonica, Demonica/Kemper Architects

Others Virtually Present

Deborah Anderson, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mark Grzybowski, Vice President for Student Services

David O. Mallery, Former Facilities Committee Chair

Ron Groleau, Dean of Life Sciences & Business

Willard Mott, Agriculture Instructor

Ms. Stevenson called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.




Mr. Demonica presented a summary of the renovation projects recommended for consideration. He provided diagrams of the proposed projects as well as a conceptual cost estimate for each that included: the estimated construction costs, contingency at ten percent, furnishing allowance, fees and reimbursables, and asbestos abatement.

Biology Lab Expansion

The Operations Committee has reviewed a potential project that would expand the Biology lab area. The new lab space would take about two-thirds of the area currently used as the Art Studio. Mr. Demonica advised that the set-up would be similar to the current biology lab and would accommodate 24 students with six pods of four and an instructor’s station. He noted that all of the proposed space for this project is net gain; we are expanding and not losing any current biology lab space. Mr. Demonica informed that more colleges are expanding their science labs due to enrollment needs and he is currently working on such a proposed project with Waubonsee College. No estimated timeline or budget for the construction of this space has been established.

Nursing Simulation Lab

The Operations Committee has evaluated a potential project that would build a new Nursing Simulation Lab area. The area for this proposed lab is currently an empty space that formerly was the Math Learning Center. Mr. Demonica noted that there was discussion regarding elevator upgrades near this space that could be included in the plan and this could be a potential RAMP project in the future. Mr. Demonica noted that the furnishings allowance in the estimated construction costs does not include simulation mannequins for the lab. There is no timetable nor funding source identified for this project.

Dental Hygiene Lab

The Operations Committee has reviewed the potential creation of the Dental Hygiene Lab in the current Therapeutic Massage space in G Building. Once the Therapeutic Massage program is phased out, this space would be repurposed for Dental Hygiene. The project would encompass the lab and the adjourning classroom of the space. The other classroom in the area would remain as is. There is no estimated timetable or cost for the construction of this space. Dr. Corcoran informed that the college has been approached about a potential off-site dental hygiene facility in Peru. The owner of the facility is retiring and is interested in selling his dental practice. Dr. Corcoran noted that while we appreciate the offer it is more practical to continue with the proposed architectural plans on campus but he did want to update the Facilities Committee about the offer. The committee agreed that the better course of action would be to have the Dental Hygiene program on campus.

Prioritizing the proposed projects was discussed. Mr. Mallery thought that the impact of serving new and current students would be most valuable and opted for the Dental Hygiene Lab to be ranked first. Dr. Anderson agreed and added that the Nursing Simulation Lab is particularly needed since obtaining available clinical space gets more challenging every year. The committee ranked the proposed projects as follows:

  • Dental Hygiene Lab
  • Nursing Simulation Lab
  • Biology Lab Expansion

The total conceptual cost estimates for the projects were: Biology Lab Expansion - $1,140,789; Nursing Program Expansion - $1,626,797; and Dental Program Expansion - $852,237. The committee recommended that the proposed projects be shared with the full Board.

Salt Shed Replacement

Mr. Curley noted that the current salt shed, which is located near the new agriculture storage building is in poor condition and needs repair. Mr. Curley informed that we are proposing that the shed be demolished and reconstructed near the maintenance building on the east campus. There was no opposition from the committee in moving forward with this proposal.


Dr. Seaton informed that the college was recently notified that it has received a grant in the amount of $240,788 to be applied to the construction of a new Agriculture facility. He noted that the grant is to be awarded within the next two months and following notification of the grant award the college will have up to two years to expend the funds. Demonica Kemper Architects assisted in narrowing the scope of work to focus the grant award on paving and asphalt work near the Agriculture facility future location. The committee recommended that the project be shared with the full Board.


Dr. Seaton advised that the agreement to issue an RFP for farming services of the 149 acres of ground that is farmed each season is being reviewed. The new RFP will incorporate the following adjustments:

  • The RFP will be for a straight three-year lease and the right of first refusal by the contractor has been removed.
  • A clause allowing for the extension of the agreement with mutual consent from both parties has been added.
  • A clause requiring the contractor to provide proof of insurance to the college has been added.
  • A clause allowing for the renegotiation of terms should the market change significantly has been added.
  • Emphasis of expectations of the contractor to provide all necessary information regarding fertilizers, yields, and other items to the college for maintenance and educational purposes has been added.

Dr. Seaton informed that additional tiling is needed in the area south of the college and a topographic survey is planned to determine the appropriate methods to tiling the fields. He added that we are looking for the survey to be completed this fall. Based on the results of the survey, future tiling projects will be prioritized and completed in phases or the project could be completed in its entirety based on cost estimates. Mr. Mott weighed in and noted that he agreed with the proposed adjustments for the farm lease and plans for tiling. The committee recommended moving forward with the proposals, as presented.


The college administration met with representatives from the City of Oglesby on July 13, 2021 to discuss the annexation of part of the ground to the south and west of campus. The City of Oglesby has proposed the installation of a solar farm on this property to assist them with their goals of incorporating more green energy into their grid and potentially leading to education and training opportunities for IVCC students. Dr. Corcoran informed that both parties agreed to have Oglesby update their proposal as being something the college might consider and share with the Facilities Committee at this meeting. The city’s deadline for having the College commit to a project for consideration of the IMEA board for going to bid is July 23. Dr. Corcoran noted that we appreciate the friendship that exists between the college and the city but moving that quickly with Facilities Committee and then Board approval would not be possible. Mr. Mallery advised caution and suggested that only the least amount of annexation be considered so as not to impact the farmland and the college now and in the future. Dr. Corcoran added that a factor for the Board and administration to keep in mind is the cash rent that the college receives on an annual basis from the farm tenant for using farm ground for crop-production purposes. Dr. Corcoran noted that the next step would be for the city to update their proposal with the latest drawing from Mr. Demonica showing where the proposed facility would be housed and what benefits would be available to the college as a result. He suggested that the Facilities Committee consider viewing the college’s position on this as a placeholder on file so that it sets in motion a place in line for eventual consideration by the IMEA Board and underscores the fact that a good faith effort is underway by both parties to work together and find some mutually-beneficial common ground. The committee agreed that the best course would be to follow the suggestions from the administration, as presented.


  • Seaton requested approval from the committee to allow another electricity and natural gas broker to price the college’s electric and gas for the upcoming year. The college would be under no commitment to use these services if the rates and service are not workable. There was no opposition from the committee in moving forward with this proposal.
  • Dr. Corcoran thanked Mr. Mallery for joining the meeting and for his perspective on the issues.


Ms. Stevenson declared the meeting adjourned at 5:07 p.m.