Speech Lab

Your instructor may ask you to record yourself giving a speech or a presentation. The Speech Lab can be reserved for recording a speech in front of a live audience, a remote audience, or of just yourself. 

Below are the steps for reserving the room, recording your presentation, and sharing the presentation with others.

  1. Reserve the Speech Lab Reservations must be made at least one day in advance. To reserve the Speech Lab create a ticket, choose the Speech Lab as the Type of Request, or call the Student Help Desk at 815-224-0318. The Speech Lab is available during Student Help Desk hours. Provide a couple of dates and times that will work and someone will contact you to confirm an available time for a 30 minute appointment. 
  2. Check in at the Student Help Desk in A-201 at the time of your reservation. A staff member will escort you to the speech lab and open the room. Note that the door will lock behind you when you leave the room.  
  3. Set up the room as needed. Move table and chairs if needed to accommodate your audience.
  4. Make sure the OWL camera on the tripod is plugged into the laptop.
  5. Log in to the laptop with your Eagle mail username and password.
  6. Open Microsoft Teams and log in with your Eagle mail username and password. 
  7. Start a meeting in Teams. Go to Calendar on the left side of Teams, then select Meet now in the upper right-hand corner.
    1. Give the meeting a title and choose to use video and audio (pick the OWL camera for both).
    2. When you are ready, select Join now.
    3. Invite remote attendees if needed or close the box if you are not inviting remote attendees.
  8. Start Recording. Go to the meeting controls and select More Actions, Start Recording. Give your presentation. 
  9. Stop Recording.  After your presentation, go to the meeting controls and Stop Recording, then Leave the meeting. 
  10. Share the Recording: A link to the meeting recording shows up in the meeting chat. Copy the link and submit it according to your instructor's instructions. Recordings are saved for 120 days.
  11. Close Teams and log out of the computer. 
  12. Put room back together. Put tables and chairs back the way they were when you entered the room and let someone at the Student Help Desk know you are done.