Student Activities

Mission Statement

The Student Activities department complements the student’s academic experience through the development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, community service and campus governance programs. 

Student Activities 

Opportunities for the development of leadership, social and interpersonal relationships, skills and character are offered through participation in recognized campus organizations. Included among these are professional and honorary societies related to the academic areas of the college, departmental organizations, service and social organizations and recreational groups. Each organization, in fulfilling its obligation as a part of the college, has a faculty member, staff member, or administrator as an advisor. All social activities planned by the student organizations are held under the supervision of the organization's advisor.

To inquire about creating a new organization, please contact the Coordinator of Student Activities,
Room E-306 or (815) 224-0509. 

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the officially recognized student government organization at IVCC.

The SGA, composed of four officers and a student representative to the Board of Trustees, three representatives of the freshman and three representatives of the sophomore classes (based on enrollment), meet to discuss matters of concern to the entire student body and to plan events and activities for students at the college. In addition, members of SGA serve with faculty and administrators on various committees.

Watch for notices regarding Student Government petitioning and elections during September and April. Questions regarding the Student Government Association, its membership, and activities should be directed to the Coordinator of Student Activities, Room E-306 or (815) 224-0509.

The Student Government Office is located in the Student Life Center, Room E-201B. Member office hours are posted on the office door.

Cory Tomasson, Ph: 815-224-0509

Student Trustee 

Students annually elect a student representative to the IVCC Board of Trustees. This student board member participates in every meeting of the board and provides student input concerning all phases of the college's operation. The student trustee has all the rights and privileges of the other trustees except in the manner of voting. The student trustee has the right to make and second motions, and attend executive sessions. The student trustee may also cast an advisory vote on all matters on which the Board votes. This vote should be made prior to any vote of other Board members and should be recorded in the official minutes. Watch for notices regarding SGA petitioning and elections during September and April. Questions regarding the SGA, its membership and activities, should be directed to Cory Tomasson, SGA Advisor/Coordinator of Student Activities.  

Cory Tomasson, Ph: 815-224-0509

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