Student LMS Survey Results


As part of the LMS Needs Assessment, 120 student completed the LMS Survey asking them what they like and do not like about using Blackboard Learn and what is important to them in a learning management system. View the summary of responses

80.4% of the respondents agree or strongly agree that they enjoyed using Blackboard. 17.9% do not enjoy using it and 1.7% answered that Blackboard was not applicable to them. 

What students like most

100 respondents left comments about what they like most about using Blackboard. Most comments related to having one place to submit assignments, see grades, and communicate with classmates and instructors.

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What students like least

101 respondents left comments about what they like least about using Blackboard. The most comments pertained to:

  • A lack of consistency with the way classes are organized and having difficulty finding documents, assignments and due dates as a result
  • Latency and trouble loading pages, submitting assignments and opening announcements
  • An outdated, uninviting interface
  • Problems using the Blackboard mobile app

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What is important to students in an LMS?

47 students left comments about what is most important to them in an LMS. Most comments pertained to:

  • Having classes with a consistent layout where it is easy to find assignments and due dates
  • The ability to view and download documents
  • Streamlined communication - a place to message instructors, participate in discussions and get announcements
  • Ease of use
  • Mobile access

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