Brightspace LMS Resources

Below are links to Brightspace resources to review as part of the LMS Evaluation. Each video is 2.50 to 10 minutes in length. 

Brightspace Recordings

Explore Brightspace Demo for IVCC : 1 hour demo for faculty of the following features:

  • How to create course content by importing a Blackboard export file
  • Create gradable items such as assessments, assignments, and discussions
  • Organize content into modules and/or folders

  • Add items from cloud storage

  • Check content for accessibility

  • Use audio/video notes for feedback

  • Foster student engagement with institution announcements, notifications, activity streams, and calendars

  • Progress tracking for students

  • How to utilize groups 

  • Use the grade book and rubrics and deliver feedback 

How to migrate course content from Blackboard

Navigating Brightspace

Creating an Assignment in Brightspace

Creating a Quiz in Brightspace

Creating a Discussion in Brightspace

Grading Experience in Brightspace 

Manage & Edit Assignments in Brightspace 

Manage & Edit Quizzes in Brightspace

Manage & Edit Discussions in Brightspace

Evaluating Student Submissions with Quick Eval

Instructor Efficiencies in Content

Course Analytics in Brightspace  

Outcomes Assessment via the Competencies Structure

Accessibility in Brightspace

Video Assignments

Playlist of Brightspace Tutorials

Sandbox site

Contact to request access to a Brightspace Sandbox site.