Blackboard Ultra Resources

Below are links to Blackboard resources to review as part of the LMS Evaluation

Explore Blackboard Ultra Demo for IVCC Part 1 30 minutes 

  • Course Homepage
  • Creating and organization course content
  • Assessments
  • Assignments

Explore Blackboard Ultra Demo for IVCC Part 2, 30 minutes

  • Base Navigation
  • Course Discussion and Conversations
  • Groups
  • Grading Assignments/Assessments
  • Gradebook

Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Course View Instructor Tutorials:  This play list includes 47 video clips 2 minutes or less covering how to use course tools in the Ultra Course view. 

The Ultra Course Feature Guide on the NIU website compares the features of the Original and Ultra Course Views.

The Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience provides an overview of Ultra, client stories, resources and programs, as well as Ultra releases

15 Things to Try in an Ultra Course

Learn Ultra data sheet

Blackboard offers a free  Ultra webinar series