Disability Services

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The Disability Services Office is generally open, by appointment, between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hours may vary. Please call Tina Hardy to set an appointment at 815-224-0284 or email tina_hardy@ivcc.edu.

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week in October, we invited our IVCC community to build a digital wall to let everyone know we are invested in wellbeing. Strong as a wall, we support one another!

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We invite you to learn ABOUT our office and have created a general starting point for students with disabilities, titled STUDENT SERVICES.  

In addition, you will find a page labeled FORMS and another page labeled RESOURCES.  These pages are valuable assets that you can access on-line.  

We are very pleased to offer students YOU@IVCC, this is a supportive tool for you to use while attending our campus.

These pages are also accessible by using the menu function, under the heading "in this section".  

Questions or concerns can be addressed to:

Tina Hardy, M.S.Ed., Disability Coordinator

(815) 224-0284, Email: tina_hardy@ivcc.edu

Oglesby Main Campus - Room C210-211