Message from the President

As the college’s tenth president, I have the distinct honor of welcoming you on behalf of our board of trustees, faculty, staff, and administration to Illinois Valley Community College.  Since 1924, IVCC has proudly earned the reputation of being a high-quality teaching and learning institution.

Although the nation’s first public junior college was established in 1901 with the primary goal being to offer the first two years of postsecondary education to students who would eventually transfer to a senior college or university, it was the Truman Commission on Higher Education in 1947 that recommended  “junior” colleges become “community” colleges and serve as active centers of education by responding to the needs of the communities they serve. To that end, IVCC is a comprehensive community college that offers something for everyone: adult basic education, developmental and remedial education, vocational and technical training leading to employment, baccalaureate education for students planning to transfer to a senior college or university, workforce development, and continuing education.

The Truman Commission also concluded that the opportunity to pursue postsecondary education was too often determined by economic factors like family income and the costs associated with living away from home while in college. With that in mind, IVCC’s administration and board of trustees remain mindful of the need to keep tuition and fees affordable while offering student-centered programs and services that are of great value.

There was a time when a high school diploma was the minimum qualification for many relatively high paying jobs, however, that has changed. Two-thirds of today's jobs require postsecondary education. Literacy and numeracy skills are necessary in order to participate in a competitive work environment and complex society.

If your goal is to enroll in college courses with the intent of earning an associate degree and possibly a baccalaureate degree, or earning a professional certificate with a new skill set that will lead to immediate employment, or if you are simply interested in taking courses for pleasure, no place like IVCC can take you so far. Our award-winning faculty and dedicated staff stand ready to assist in helping you achieve your academic and career goals.  We are committed to life-long learning.

My hope is that you will take advantage of the wonderful opportunities we have to offer at Illinois Valley Community College. Begin your educational journey with us today and we will do our best to exceed your expectations!

Dr. Jerry Corcoran