Retention Alert

Retention Alert

The Retention Alert form is modified to support an outreach process while IVCC is delivering primarily online instruction.  This alert process will allow you to make an alert for which a staff member will make an attempt to reach a student by phone and email.  If you are already intervening through phone and email, we may not be able to help.  However, if you would like reinforcement or would like to delegate attempting contact with a student, please submit an alert. 

Please be sure to select the appropriate reason(s) for the alert.  You may indicate more than one alert on the form.

To be able to process and track alerts, please use only the form to submit alerts.  We cannot effectively manage retention alerts that are submitted in bulk via email.

Retention Alert Form

Program Contacts: Mark Grzybowski, Vice President of Student Services, or Patrice Hess, Director of Learning Resources,